Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 28 ("as the Lord has provided everything we have, there is one thing that I CAN offer the Lord: my will.")

Lewis and Park!

Poor Sacajawea (our car) 
Mission is flying by....and time flies when you're having fun! The rain however, is something else. Apparently it has never rained this much in Zimbabwe since the 1980's...but the streets have been flooding and especially since most of the roads in our area are dirt ones, Sacajawea has been struggling for sure. There have been MULTIPLE times where the car has been almost stuck because of the mud or when the car just slides around because the ground isn't holding. It's insane! But yes, the car DID actually get stuck in mud. But, aish, the people of Zim are wonderful. In a matter of seconds, we had many guys taking off their shoes and rolling up their pants to get the car out. Eventually, a combi that was driving by had to pull us out of the puddle (well, more like a lake in my opinion) with a rope. But I was so shocked at how willing everyone was to just stop where they were going just to help a couple of sister missionaries out of the mud. We had at least 15 guys helping us out! I guess it just adds on to the Adventures of Lewis and Park!

Tanaka- This week we taught Tanaka and we followed up on his prayer. He told us that he really believed that his prayers were answered about the restoration of the gospel! He told me he just felt as if it were true and he just knew it in his heart. He's studying to be a lawyer and so as you can see, he loves the truth. BUT, apparently, he's been making some adjustments to his life to be in line with the teachings of the gospel and he told me some of his friends have been noticing and they also want to start taking the discussions! It's awesome that just by Tanaka's amazing example and change, his friends have the desire to change as well.

I found an asian looking Dora and got super excited

This past week, I've been thinking a lot about what I've done and where I've been in my life. And you know, there's been A LOT of change in my life. This time last year, I hadn't even received my mission call and I was probably preparing myself for the upcoming softball season (shoutout to Brown softball <3). As President Monson stated, "The most constant thing in life is change"...and it's one of the biggest blessings life has to offer! All the things that have happened in my life has refined me into who I am today. I have so much that I still need to work on, but one thing's for sure: I've learned a lot. On mission, I've seen myself not only physically change, since I look like a chipmunk now,  but spiritually as well. I've learned that the Lord can't spiritually change me against my own will because that would be contrary to my agency. BUT, as the Lord has provided everything we have, there is one thing that I CAN offer the Lord: my will. My entire mission so far, I've been focusing on trying to be the best missionary I can be, but I've learned that there is more to mission than that. I need to be the best "servant of the Lord" first, and then in the process, I'll be able to become a great missionary....and that comes with a lot of patience and humility and optimism! The Lord's grace is intended to enable us to more perfectly keep the commandments so that we can become more and more like Christ every day. Writing is most DEFINITELY a weakness that I have and so I'm not sure if this makes much sense, but at least I know what I'm saying right? LOL Just kidding.

Wish Sara all the best for her mission in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

I hope that everyone back home is doing okay! I miss and love you all and wish Sara all the best for her mission!

Sister Park

because I love my companion and she didn't know the chair was broken lol

P-Day activities...taking photos in Longchain


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