Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week 25: "These people are SO dedicated." "it takes them aounrd 4 to 8 hours to walk to church...and church starts at 8 AM!

Hello hello!

This week FLEW by, but it's because I got to go to Bindura this week for exchanges with Sister Stegelmeier and Sister Jili. This area is "commotia" and so all the people who left for holidays came here. 

BUT, before we left, on Monday, we celebrated Sister Well's birthday even though it was on Tuesday. She finally turned 20! So to celebrate, I decided to make her a very American dinner: chicken parm, funeral potatoes, and green beans along with of course, a cake! It was dark chocolate (no surprise) and since things like betty crocker icing isn't really a thing, i just had to make it. but it actually turned out really nice! it was the least we could do and i hope she enjoyed it! I also made chocolate mint muffins for district meeting on Tuesday so we could sing to her you can tell..our house shows love through food..which I'm not going to complain about any time soon!

Anyways, I went on exchanges with Sister Stegelmeier and I had such a good time! Bindura was was so green because of the fields and mountains and truly humbling. The areas we went to really were rural areas. The homes were huts, and while some had cement walls, others had stick walls. The huts have stick roofs and when you went inside, the fire was in the middle and everything else went around it. The Spirit was so strong here and it was so peaceful...and so quiet (aside from like the chickens and the goats lol). These people are SO dedicated. Their recent converts mainly walk to church because of money and depending on where you live, Sister Stegelmeier said it takes them aounrd 4 to 8 hours to walk to church...and church starts at 8 AM! The level of commitment is amazing, isn't it? They truly were converted to the gospel! I was able to learn so much not only from Sister Stegelmeier, but from the people we taught as well.

This week I also got to eat maguru (tripe) and matumbu (intestines) with kovu and sadza and it was so nice! I don't think I've eaten anything like it before and it's definitely something I don't eat every day so it was quite the experience!

I'll keep it short this week, but I hope that you guys enjoy your week back home! Since it is winter back there, stay warm so you don't get sick! Love you guys and I appreciate all the cards/notes/letters (even if reading grandma's korean letter was such a mission since it's so foreign lol) but send them my love.

Lots of love from Zim,
Sister Park

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