Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week 26: Transfer News to Kuwadzana ("How powerful is the Book of Mormon?! His conversion in one week, ONE WEEK....the sisters who will be in Mabvuku will be blessed to continue to teach him, but honestly, they will probably be learning a couple things from him as well.")

Map of Kuwadzana!

Transfer news: I honestly thought I would be staying in Mabvuku for another transfer, but sadly, I'm actually leaving! I will be whitewashing a new area with my new companion Sister Lewis. She came a transfer behind me and I will also be living with Sister Namugenyi and Sister Thomas who is also whitewashing their area. I'm really sad to see the house separated because aish, we had some good times together, especially in the kitchen..I will miss cooking with these ones. BUT, guess who my district leader is?! Elder Whiting!! AHH, I was super pumped I couldn't believe it! I've missed his sarcasm and I'm sure our entire district will enjoy him as our district leader. Although I will miss Mabvuku, I'm excited to see what is in store for me at Kuwadzana!

part of our MTC group back together again(:

sister richards is going to kwekwe...i'll miss seeing this one every week!

my MTC companion, Sister Beckstead!
Brother Ambrose- So I talked about him before in a previous email. I was touched by his story, but aish, the story continues. He has been struggling with drinking and smoking and that was something that we discussed about the first time we saw him. Two Sundays ago, he came to church, but he came to church drunk. It was fast and testimony meeting and he actually went up and bore his testimony which was QUITE interesting. But, when we saw him this past week, I couldn't believe it. This was the first time he was sober, and he was sober because that Sunday night when he came from church, he started reading the Book of Mormon we gave him. He was trembling the entire lesson because he had been sober all week and you could tell it was affecting his body. In one week, he was already almost done with 2 Nephi and he recited everything that had happened PERFECTLY. Like every single detail. His comments were so inspiring that even I had to write down some of the things he said...(I later learned that he had actually been part of the Ministry of can tell he has a high's insane) This past Sunday, he came to church again, completely sober. Although he doesn't have much, you could even tell that he had tried to look nice. He was SO reverent and at the end of the sacrament meeting, with tears in his eyes, he told us "Sisters I don't know how to thank you, but I'm never going back to my old life. Never. Even though you're both leaving, I'm here to stay and you don't have to worry about me because you have shared an amazing gift with me." How powerful is the Book of Mormon?! His conversion in one week, ONE WEEK....the sisters who will be in Mabvuku will be blessed to continue to teach him, but honestly, they will probably be learning a couple things from him as well.

our district at our service project!

elder gombe is now the new district leader..he has a lovely singing voice (haha)

our house made mabvuku/tafara shirts

We got to do a service project this week where we helped a mama out who runs a school. The kids that attend are from infants up to 6 year olds and so most of the time, we helped her decorate the school and even draw pictures for them to copy so the kids could color in them. The elders helped cut the grass at her home and it was such a fun time together(:

baptismal pictures!

This week we got to baptize three people: Cairo, Madrid and Ivan. They were all so excited to be baptized they couldn't sit still...right before they were baptized, they were running down the hallway because they were so anxious! It was super cute and I absolutely love these boys!

brother davison and his wheelchair at church!!

ALSO, guess who finally was able to come to church?! Brother Davison!! The wheelchair came through and I'm so happy I got to see him at church before leaving the truly was a tender mercy of the Lord.

I love you guys so much...transfer days are hectic and so sorry it's so short...until next week!

Sister Park

there was a rat in the house and we finally found it! Sister Z finally killed it...yes, I'm on top of the table.

there was a HUGE puddle that went up to my knees and i didn't know how deep it was so i fell in it and lost my shoe. Sister D had to look for it and fish it out with her umbrella (ignore how white my toes are...)

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