Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 27: The Adventures of Lewis and Park (get it? Lewis and Clark?)

 my companion and I got drenched in the rain our first day in the area...

This week was quite an interesting one to say the least. We tried to come up with a companionship name by mixing our names together, but it sounded terrible. But Lewis and Park, because we're exploring Kuwadzana together! She's from Utah and she's a year younger than me. She came a transfer behind me on mission, but she was able to finish one year at BYU-Provo and she's studying nursing. Also, the car stays in the area and so I left the old car, Snow White, to get a new car which didn't have a name yet. But guess what we named the car?!....Sacajawea obviously. The area is a little different from Mabvuku..I feel like there are more dirt roads and depending on which area we're in, it depends on the kind of area we're working in. We're working in Kuwadzana 3rd branch and as of right now, this branch meets at a school. Our area is much bigger than Mabvuku and since we don't live in our area but in the other sister's area, we drive A LOT to get to our areas. We cover Kuwadzana Extension, Glaudina, Linchonia, Dziveresekwa Extension, Whitecliff, Snake Park, Rittle Ridge, White House, Granary, Garikai, and on and on, all the way to Norton. 

Many of the members that we wanted to work with this week were attending a funeral or busy with job interviews and so for the most part of the week, Sister Lewis and I just had to go to one area and explore it ourselves. But, the area is just as great as Mabvuku. We have already been able to find many new investigators this past week, who even came to church this Sunday! The branch president's name is President Gonzo and he's only 28 years old! He looks so young, but he is powerful, along with the members. The branch is really trying to have a goal of becoming a ward this coming year and so they are expecting a lot out of the missionaries. 

the Whitecliff Boys--Funwell, Dollar, Brandon, and Tapiwa (member)
 all the WC boys

dabbin--no we are not next to a river, the streets are just flooding...too much

This week is has been RAINING like nobody's busy. The power has been going out this entire week, but at this point, I'm happy to cook with a gas tank. BUT, because of the rain, poor Sacajawea has been through a lot. In our areas, the mud is VERY slippery and so on multiple occasions, I almost got the car stuck in the mud when going to appointments. I really hope that we don't ever get stuck, and although the rain is good for the crops, I just want it to be sunny again(:

Also, I got the Young Women's package this past week...I have no idea why it took so long to send, but send them my thanks! Our room is smelling nice and Christmas-y and the house has enjoyed all the candy(:

As we get to work with the members in the area, I really hope that I'll be able to stay long enough to help this branch become a ward. This transfer has a lot in store for us, and we're super excited for the many more adventures that await us! I love you guys lots back home!

Sister Park

Happy 97th Birthday to my Patriarch McEwan and Sister McEwan in my home ward!!!

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