Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 23: A Special Christmas and my family made a fun of my different English accent^^

trying to get a better reception

Skyping with my family

my big brother and aunt

This week the report will be short since I already got to skype you guys yesterday! Thank you, especially Haram, for making fun of my accent...much appreciated.

at ward christmas party with household

Sister Gondo, RS President.
She's the one that makes cakes and she's the absolute best...such a great role model to have!
This week we got to celebrate Christmas with the ward members...although we had lessons planned, we still got to attend the ward Christmas party for a little bit and it was fun! The food was great and they were even playing fun games. Later that night, there was a Carols Night where members got to share some sort of talent and it was definitely amusing to see and be a part of.

Our Christmas lunch

Most grateful and memorable Christmas Dinner at Selchos 
By the time Christmas was over, I died from a food coma. After church on Sunday, we came home and cooked a meal: pork with marinade, butternut, rice, egg salad (blehhh), chakalaka, cooked cabbage, and peanut butter cookies...I was so full...but then we ate dinner with the Selchos that night because we were skyping at their home. They served a very traditional American meal and it was amazing: roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, cooked carrots, green beans, fruit salad, DINNER ROLLS, and then apple crisp for dessert. It was quite heavenly...powerful food made for a powerful Christmas. And I got to see and speak to you guys and the dogs so that added to it as well!(:

Ian and his family at the baptism. Look his big smile!

This week we got to baptize Ian. I was so excited for him to be baptized because he was so ready and so excited! He has the best smile ever, and he's already agreed to come do missionary work with us once he's baptized. He already has the desire to go on a mission as well and so it'll be so nice to have him come work with us! He has such a kind heart and a enjoyable personality. I think that trait that I like most about him is that he is humble and is always doing things to take care of his siblings. He has a good soul and I'm so happy I got to meet and know him! Also, funny moment, but when I asked how he wanted to baptize him, he thought really hard about it, and picked me! My companion and I started laughing and explained that only the brethren could hold the priesthood, but I was definitely thoroughly amused.

I don't have much to write but I hope all the pictures will show how enjoyable this week was! I love you guys so much and I hope you enjoy bringing in the new year!

Sister Park
(L to R) elias, ian, and takesure, my recent converts, working with us in the area!

owen rifa aka buju black...he is the definition of a stud..he's going to be a great missionary!
mah boys
 the view from a point in my area..the fields are beautiful!
sister ziqubu and sister dyantyisi!

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