Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 29: " I'll explain more about the dinner invitations, but aish, we are STILL being fed...which is amazing! they're so willing to come and feed us it's amazing...."

We got caught in the rain and got SOAKING wet...this nice family let us stay under their roof until the rain became lighter...and of course we left our jackets and umbrella in the car.

Literally what the streets look like every day I drive because of the rain...I've never hated mud so much in my life!

Greetings from the Polynesian!...(yes, people now think I'm Polynesian and not Korean..it's powerful) I'm adding more and more to the list of places people think I'm from...

This week flew by...but I feel like I say that every week. My companion and I have been busy working all week and at this point, we've just accepted the fact that it's going to rain every day. However, when the sun IS out, it is HOT HOT HOT! 

Sister Talemwa and Sister Namugenyi...all of Sister Lewis' companions together!
Life in the new house is good! the house is HUGE and so it takes forever to clean, but the living circumstances are nice there. the power goes out occasionally, but it usually comes back on after a couple hours which is much better than the mabvuku house. 

Cash is still a problem, but i think it's mainly a problem in harare. since the beginning of the month, we've gone to the ATMs to try to get cash. we stood in a line since 9 AM and couldn't get cash until around 1:30 PM and they were only letting us get 50 dollars. it's bothersome and we have to use a lot of gas trying to find money, but at least we now have food and things like that in the house!

My companion and I at the Mission Tour
We had a mission tour this week where Elder Ellis from the Seventy gave us the training and it was very inspiring. He has such a great energy about him along with a powerful testimony. He helped give us strength in our missionary work and discussed about some ways we could improve the quality of our missions.

More photos of getting soaked in the rain

I don't know if you can see it, but it's a double rainbow! 

My companion and I have been walking a lot more because the mud is just ridiculous. Many of the missionaries have been getting their cars stuck in the mud and so although it takes more time out of our day, we walk because at the end of the day, it saves a lot of time. 

Trishous made dinner for us!(:

Gogo Chakoneka and her niece!
Also, I guess it's healthy for us because the members have been feeding us. Two ladies in the Relief Society, have invited us to eat at their home every week: Gogo Chakoneka and Sister Chaiva. They told us that we should come to their home any time, any day and that they'd be willing to feed us. These sisters have been holding up this tradition since they joined the church was MANY MANY years ago....how amazing is that?! I think Gogo feeds us at least twice a week and Sister Chaiva has even asked us to come on both Friday AND Saturday night so that she can feed us dinner. How amazing are these ladies?!

The internet isn't working too well today but I guess most importantly for you guys, ESPECIALLY Mom, is that I'm fine! I'm healthy and things are better than ever on mission! Hopefully the pictures will make up for the little that I wrote today...

I love you guys a lot and I love the updates from back home! Hear from you next week...!

Sister Park

When the elders came to give one of the sisters a blessing...the gate isn't even tall enough to cover Elder Koch! (I have no idea why I think this is so funny....but he's a giant!!)

we took a better photo later but i think this shows how tall Elder Koch really is...!

A kitten that was following us for quite some time...

My companion and the Whitecliff Boys ! 

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