Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 24: Happy New Year's ("I feel like theres a bunch of tennis balls bouncing around inside my chest.")

Walking in the maize (corn) field
I miss my grandma!

My family tradition: New Year's Dinner. My mom is an amazing cook

Happy New Years!!

I can't believe 2016 has already come and seems like it was just yesterday that I was welcoming in 2016...but it's okay! I'm sure that 2017 will be just as great, probably even better, as 2016. The year sure ended on a good note though!

New Year's Eve was really anti-climatic for me...I was super tired from the day we had and so was everyone else. The only reason why the new year was here was because you could hear the fireworks start to go off nearby and the music started playing "Mdara Vachaooya" by Jah Prayzah....I'm not going to lie, this is one of my favorite Zim dance songs and it's stuck in my head all the time because it plays in the streets all the time. Houses with speakers will usually always be blasting music and so walking from appointment to appointment, we just get to enjoy all the Zim dance music.

Nerdy looking Asian Missionary


Brother Davison: We're still trying to get him a wheelchair and I think it'll be soon soon before he can come to church! My companion and I enjoy teaching him because he's so welcoming and truly has a desire to learn more about the gospel. This past week we taught him about sustaining and following the prophet and asked if he would be willing to do that once he was baptized. His response was touching. "I would like to leave a conqueror and so of course I will try my very best." And it's something so profound: we can all leave this world as conquerors as long as we apply the power of the Atonement!

Brother Billard: I love teaching this guy. He always asks questions during our lessons and they're well thought out. At the end of our lesson this week, he expressed his gratitude for our teachings and told us how they were really inspiring for him. He said he could see the change in his life and he even encouraged his friends to come and talk to us to learn about the things that he had learned. It was so awesome because by teaching him, he's recognizing the joys the gospel can bring not only for him, but for others as well!

Brother Ambrose: He came to church last Sunday and wanted to have a lesson with us. We arrived to his lesson about 10 minutes late, but when he saw us, he started crying. He kept on saying over and over again how he was crying tears of joy because we had not forgotten about him. He kept on expressing his gratitude towards us and the tears wouldn't stop flowing. He was embarassed because he couldn't stop crying, but for me, to see how much showing up meant to him, it was something else. As he told us about himself, I was saddened by his story. He's been alone for quite a long time now....towards the end of the lesson, we prayed together. As the prayer ended, the sadness that was apparent before from explaining about his life was replaced with a look of joy. His smile was from ear to ear and said, "I feel like theres a bunch of tennis balls bouncing around inside my chest." 

Sister Jack!!! Amazing Sister!

 Chelsea...baptized three weeks ago by the tafara sisters...such a sweet girl!

New Year's Resolutions---there's a lot of things I need to work on but I think the two Christlike attributes I'm going to focus on for this coming year are patience and humility. Reflecting on this past year, I've realized the the times when I've been the happiest, when I've learned the most, when I've grown the most, has been when I've been patient and humble. No matter what the circumstances were, I was always able to find peace and joy, even when everything going on around me wasn't necessarily how I wanted it to be. Since I'll be focusing on striving to be a better missionary this entire year, I know that patience and humility will go a long way in helping me be a worthy missionary. I want to be ambitious for the Lord, positive in all my doings, obedient in all my doings. I want to be faithful with an unshakable testimony, reliant on the Lord for guidance and direction, diligent with a righteous purpose. Patient in my trials, remembering the Lord is refining me into the best person I can be. Humble in any circumstance, seeking for what I can learn from others.

This year has a lot in store, and I'm looking forward to what I can accomplish and how much I can hopefully grow. I'm sure it'll go by as quick as 2016 has gone. "Continue in patience until ye are perfected" (D&C 67:13) and the wisdom we obtain will benefit us eternally (D&C 130:19).

I love you guys and hope that you have made resolutions for the new year!

Sister Park

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