Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 43: "They told us they had gotten the combi so that they could pick up any investigators that we had that side who would like to come to church."

The kids have started helping us back the car!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms/moms-to-be around the world! 

Sister Katsande- She is the wife to our released branch mission leader-he's been in South Africa looking for a job. We have been teaching her and decided to teach her the Plan of Salvation because she expressed how she was feeling so much sorrow when her parents passed away. She had been attending a different church, but she told us that although the church was able tot console some of her needs, he still felt that sorrow in her life. The Spirit has been so strong in every single one of her lessons and as we finished the lesson, we allowed the message to sink in. Tears were in her eyes, and you could tell she was deep in thought. As we let her think, she looked up to us and just said two simple words: "Thank you." The gospel can bring so much peace in everyone's life if they allow it to! It can touch those who have been beaten down by life's sorrows and challenges and give them the peace and renewal of purpose they need in their life.

The Mandrezisa's combi!

Look at all those happy walking home!
We've been teaching a lot of investigators in DZ Ext. We now have two families who have been staying that side. We've been trying to have Vanswell's mother come to church, but she would need help with transport because she suffered from a stroke a couple of years back. Her children have been coming to church, but we want the picture to be complete! This past Sunday, the Gakaka family was able to bring her to church and it was so wonderful to see all of them sit together as a family! However, it gets better! The Mandrezisa pulled up to church in a blue combi--usually they drive a small 5-seater and so we were shocked to see them in such a car! They told us they had gotten the combi so that they could pick up any investigators that we had that side who would like to come to church. The joy of the people who had walked to church earlier that morning was amazing! They wouldn't have to walk home! I'm not sure what kind of things the Mandrezisa's had to sacrifice to get a combi, but I know the Lord will bless them accordingly. 

Brother Patrick, John the Baptist (President Mwanawasauka), and Brother Vanswell
Brother Samson arrived late, but was also baptized!
This weekend we were able to baptize Brothers Patrick, Samson, and Vanswell! Brother Patrick is the father of Vincent, Takudzwa, and Emil, whom I baptized a couple of weeks back. He had always sat in on the lessons and concluded that he wanted to be baptized as well. Brother Samson was someone whom we had just met while walking (actually, more like hiking haha) to an appointment. He was a golden investigator. He was so willing to accept our message and understood perfectly the message we had to share. Even after the baptism, he approached me and handed me some money. When I asked why he had done that, he said that it was his tithing money and that he had agreed to start paying his tithing after his baptism. He didn't waste any time to pay! I explained he could pay tomorrow at church, but it was a touching moment to see how committed he was to living the gospel standards. Brother Vanswell, well I've been sending emails about him. He's going to be a powerful priesthood holder and a strength in the branch. Because of him, the rest of his family plans on being baptized in the near future!

When I asked her what my name was, Noku responded with "Sister Murungu (white) Park!"

these crazy kids
It was so good to see and talk to you guys yesterday...and the dogs! I love the dogs! I pray you guys will have a safe trip to Korea...don't have too much fun without me. Haha it reminds me of our last trip together to Korea when people thought we were certain celebrities and were asking for our autographs...I'm sure it will happen again..let me know how it goes! Love you guys!

our beloved district leader and his companion coming to interview..wreckless driving to say the least haha

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