Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 42: "It's only been a couple of weeks, but he's almost done with the Book of Mormon! "

Congratulations to my older brother, Haram

I am so proud of him!
Congratulations to Haram for graduating! He looks very happy and excited to finally be done. I know that he will do well wherever he goes because he has the discipline it takes to be successful. I'm so proud of him, especially with all the awards and honors he received. He's definitely the smarter one.

 Look at all that meat!!!

My favorite princess Bruchelle
Last Monday, the Samakomva's invited us over for dinner and yo, Dad, you would have definitely enjoyed. It was a brie and it was soooo good! Pretty much, you cook a whole ton of meat and then.....YOU EAT IT! We had it with sadza and some veggies and it was so great. I was definitely in a food coma the rest of the night. Also, I think I'm going to marry their  two year old son BJ. It's only an 18 year difference...not too bad. We had our first dance that night together. I think it's a done deal.

My companion and I

Gogo made a dress for me and so I finally decided to wear it! How sweet is she?!
Vanswell: It's only been a couple of weeks, but he's almost done with the Book of Mormon! We had assigned him a chapter to read in Alma and as he turned to it, he told us that it was a great chapter. So then, I asked how much of the Book of Mormon he had read and he's about to start 3 Nephi! He said that lately he's been staying out home reading it because he just doesn't want to put it down.
Brother Hingi: He is waiting for his wife to return home so that he can be legally married, and then baptized. However, this past Sunday, he didn't come to church which was quite odd and so my companion and I went to pay him a visit. His legs were swollen and there were sores all over his legs. We followed up later that week and they told him he had some sort of skin disease mixed with a fungal infection. He will be going to Harare Hospital to get treated for it, but hopefully he'll be able to come home soon!

These kids are sooooo amusing to be around haha

Check out that sunset!
I've learned so much in the first 9 months of my mission, I can't even imagine what I'll learn for the rest of it. It's a shame that mission is going by so fast, but I'm enjoying every day of it. I love the work and I love the people I get to teach. I get to learn every day from other missionaries, from the members, and even my investigators. Mission has been humbling, but it's also given me strength. Ah, it will be so hard for me to leave this place. Sorry Mom, I'm going to live in Zimbabwe. But I know this gospel is true. I've both lived it, and have seen it work in the lives of different people with different backgrounds. The gospel unites, strengthens, and touches the hearts of people all over the world. It's quite unique.

I can't wait to skype you guys next week! I am healthy, I am safe, and you'll be able to confirm that next week. Love you guys soo much!

Sister Park

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