Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week 44: "I have been transferred to Gweru!"

 the DZ extension group!

mah boys
Transfers are here! Sister Mzunga will be staying in our area, and I have been transferred to Gweru! From what everyone is telling me, Gweru is COLD and winter is about to start! My companion is Sister Bergen who will be going home next transfer!

Exchanges with Sister Hopkins! (Ignore the pants...we were driving home toooo late haha)
This week was a blur...again. We went on exchanges with Sister Hopkins and Bondo in Mabvuku, and so again, I got to see all the people whom I love so much! I'm sure they will get sick of me since I've been visiting back so many times and they keep having to say goodbye, but Mabvuku has a special place in my heart.

 The sunset was so beautiful!
Mai Wayne-We were visiting a LA but when we arrived at her home, she hadn't come back from school yet. However, her sister, Mai Wayne, was there and so we asked if we could teach her until we got home. As we discussed about the gospel and the Restoration, there was a huge smile on her face. As the lesson was about to close, she asked us if she could be baptized! I asked her if the missionaries had ever tried to teach her before to which she replied no. She told us that they were always there for her sister, and so she had never been taught. As a single mother, I can tell she has struggled through parts of her life and even I am at fault of this, but sometimes we'll tend to forget about the other people in the room and just focus on the one investigator we're teaching. Mai Wayne came to church yesterday and enjoyed it so very much!
 Brother Zoro with his sling...he was showing us how he kills birds!

Sister Katsande-I love her so much! This past week, we were able to start teaching her about the Restoration and as we were teaching, she opened up to us about some tragedies that had happened in her life. It made her question how much God actually loved her and why he would allow for things like that to happen. But as we studied scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon, she told as she finally felt at peace with what had happened in the past. Her husband is currently in South Africa right now, but once he comes back, I'm sure they will get married and then she can get baptized!
Sister Katsande (right) made us these beautiful skirts! Sister Chaibva (left)

Blessing- Golden Investigator right here. He's come to church twice now this past week we were able to go visit him in Whitecliff South. We got to know him and he expressed his desire to go on a mission. He told us that he knew Tapiwa was preparing to serve one, and since they're friends, he wanted to serve the Lord and follow the example of his friend. Five minutes into the lesson--"So when can I be baptized?!" This one was soo prepared. Also, this one claims he's faster than Usain Bolt. Just for fun, I challenged him for a race bad I'll be leaving for Gweru though!

Sister Mwanawasauka and Sister Domingo
Vanswell- The rest of his three siblings will be getting baptized this week! As we were going over the lessons for review, I decided to have Vanswell teach them to see how well he understood and applied the lessons. All I can say is that this one is going to be a GREAT missionary. His mama also wants to baptized, but she will have to wait until her husband comes back so that they can get legally married first. From his teaching, I could see how much the kids respected him. Their father lives in South Africa for work, and only visits them maybe once a year. It's obvious that the responsibility of the house then falls on Vanswell since his mother can't move much due to her stroke. He is going to be a GREAT father. Teaching law of chastity: "Do you want to get baptized?! Then stop dating boys, and you....stop looking at the hips!" Word of Wisdom: "People who can drink alcohol/smoke and can still think clearly and function...they are not human beings! Don't do these things" My companion and I were laughing the entire was so powerful!

when you can smell Elder Barrus' armpit from where I'm standing...just kidding haha

Tawanda and Sonya Chaibva, the newly weds!

It's sad to leave Kuwadzana and it's especially sad to leave my investigators. June will be a VERY productive month in Kuwadzana, but the Lord needs me elsewhere. And the bright side will be that I get to see a different part of Zimbabwe..I will miss the food in town, but this is probably for my own good. Even my mission president always jokes around with me about how much I can eat...I don't know if that's a good thing haha

Hope you have a great week! Travel safely home!

Sister Park
Sister Bondo and Mzunga!

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