Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 39: "Although we walk as much as we possibly can, the car always manages to get stuck!"

 We walk a lot here, but look how beautiful our area is!

The rains are back! and yes, the car got stuck in the mud again...haha at this point, I just laugh every time it happens. Although we walk as much as we possibly can, the car always manages to get stuck! Poor Sacajawea! Where we were driving, the top layer of dirt had dried, but as I drove, the ground broke and there was SO MUCH MUD! We had to walk for some time back to the main road and wave down a combi to come pull us out because the entire axle was in the mud. I laugh because the face of our investigator was priceless when she opened the door to two sister missionaries covered in mud! I had mud up to my knees because I had tried placing rocks under the tire, but our investigator happily agreed with us to have the lesson outside of the house under the stars. But it's okay haha...mud is good for your skin right?

This week the youth went to a youth conference and the branch even  allowed some of our current investigators to attend. It seemed as if they had a great time! We were supposed to baptize this weekend, but due to the conference, we've pushed the baptism back. 

the last time they tried to introduce their own currency...this is equivalent to about 2 US dollars!

To be honest, other than the fact that we got to teach about the Atonement and about Christ every day all week, it didn't really feel like Easter. In Zimbabwe, the holiday started on Thursday and is ending on Tuesday because Tuesday is Zimbabwe's Independence Day! I also don't think people understand much about the Easter bunny here. Other than going to church on Sunday for Easter, it didn't seem like much of a holiday. But, one thing I've learned to accept, well two things, is one: I've learned to always say yes when I'm asked to chorister, even though I absolutely dislike it...and two, I' ve also learned to be ready to give talks at church! One of the speakers didn't show up, and so they asked me to give a talk which wasn't the first time it happened, but I think I actually don't mind it these days.

This week my companion and I went to a funeral for Edward's younger brother who was 18. There was an accident and he died instantly. Although we didn't know anyone else in his family, we went to go mourn with them. This isn't my first funeral, but funerals are definitely different here than they are back home.

Making chapati for Taco Thursday!

Taco Night is one of our favorites!

Vanswell-He was so prepared and he has such a good heart! He's been so accepting of the gospel and I've enjoyed teaching him. This past week, he shared his experience about how he felt the Holy Ghost and it was touching. He described it to be a heavenly feeling, a feeling that he had never really before. He also expressed about how he feels like although it's only been two weeks since we've started teaching him, he's been able to see the change in his life. He said that he's really been able to feel God's love in his life and he never wants to lose that feeling.

I finally got my hair cut with Sister Thomas! haha just kidding, we decided to try on some wigs we found..but it's confirmed. I will never get front bangs.

All is well my side! Also Dad, I forgot to mention last week about how Elder Cook's talk reminded me of you! Although I don't think we reached 10,000 hours of practice, it made me think about the countless hours we spent in the mornings before school, during the summer, etc., practicing together at the field and in the backyard. I was definitely stubborn and unmotivated sometimes, but we made a good team together don't you think?

I love you guys! I pray for you every day.

Sister Park

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