Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 38: "I'm doing well! I'm enjoying every second of my time here, and I suppose that's why I feel like it's going by so fast!"

 our last district photo!

Things are crazy today because it's transfer day, but I'll try to give you a quick update of my week!

Sister Namugenyi is the sweetest and makes the best chapati..came in together from the MTC! She is quite the joker!

Exchanges this week were so awesome! I got the opportunity to work with Sister Bondo and it was amazing teaching with her. Plus, we kept on running into members/my recent converts and it was so good to see them again! President Gramu was the bishop when I was there, but got called as 2nd counselor of the new stake presidency and so now Bishop Akile took his place! Sister Bondo served in Mabvuku earlier in her mission and came back to her area and Bishop Akile wants the same thing to happen with me. Haha or as he would put it, "Ah, the prodigal daughters of Mabvuku have returned together! This is your home. Any other area you go to, you will need to repent and come back to Mabvuku..."

Mai Edgar and her family! Kayden is getting so big!

This week we were able to watch Conference and it was such a good time! All the messages were so inspired! It was so good to see the recent converts and members who came to watch for the first time because they all enjoyed! Vincent and Takudzwa even WALKED all the way from their home to the stake center to watch and it wasn't until afterwards that I found out. From their house, it would take me about 30 minutes to drive to the stake center! But they told me that they enjoyed it very much and it was worth the walk!

working in Mabvuku with Sister Bondo and I got to see Steven and Obert!

Tatenda and Brandon
There were TOO many inspiring talks that I honestly can't tell you which ones I loved best! Of course, I will always love the talks from President Monson, Bednar, Uchtdorf, and Holland since they are my favorite speakers for different reasons, but every talk was enlightening. There were lots of messages that I could relate towards missionary work, and a lot of speakers spoke about experiences they had as mission presidents. With some of the speakers, I just stopped writing down notes and just listened because they spoke about topics I needed to hear! I think the only difficult part was maybe listening to the American speakers because their accent sounds funny funny to me and it takes me a couple seconds to understand what they're saying, especially when they don't annunciate! There's a joke that if you get sent to Zimbabwe for your mission, you will go back home having learned "proper" English haha

Sister Namugenyi and Sister Mzunga
Transfer news is here...my companion and the household, in fact, are staying the same. I suppose it's kind of nice because Sister Thomas and Sister Namugenyi are like Sister Mzunga's "aunts" because they teach her things as well. The only changes in our district will be coming from the elders. We will be getting a new district leader and one of the areas in our district will actually be closing so we'll only have a district of 6 now.

Sorry to keep it short, but know that I'm doing well! I'm enjoying every second of my time here, and I suppose that's why I feel like it's going by so fast! I love you guys...I was reading this morning the letter that Dad had written when I left to come here and I couldn't help think about how lucky I am to have you guys as my parents. Pray for daily opportunities to serve others. Count your blessings. Hear from you next week!

Sister Park

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