Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 33: "Sister Mzunga is from Malawi and the missionary who baptized her actually attends the Tafara ward! She's super cute and sweet."

 my daughter! 

In terms of missionary work, I wasn't able to go to my area for much this week. My companion didn't fly in from the Ghana MTC until Thursday and so I had to stay with Sister Stegelmeier and Sister Ziqubu in Mabvuku since they're also training. BUT, it was so nice to go work in Mabvuku again! Sister Stegelmeier is whitewashing and so it was actually good that I got to show her how the house numbers and things like that worked. Also, I got to see my investigators who got baptized by the other sisters! Brother Davison, Brother Foyo, Chipo, Clayton, Gift, Anderson all got baptized while I was gone, but it was so good to see them! I also got to see my RCs and hear that they are continuing to help the missionaries do missionary work which is awesome!

we bought her a cake to welcome her on mission!

our new household picture: Sister Namugenyi and Sister Thomas stayed as companions

Most of this week was dedicated toward meetings for the trainees and things like that, but like I said, Sister Mzunga is from Malawi. She's 27 years old and the missionary who baptized her actually attends the Tafara ward! She's super cute and sweet..she told me she wants to gain weight on mission and so that it something I can DEFINITELY help her with...I think most of the missionaries here on mission associate my name with food. Funny story: at the training dinner, Sister Mkhabela cooked for all of us and so after serving all of the elders, the sisters served ourselves. i walked into the dining room and i could tell that the elders were just looking at the amount of food i had on my plate. but, they were more shocked when i was able to finish all the food on my plate. one of the elders has been teasing me about it since but he was also one of my previous zone leaders and so he knows that i love food. "Ah, can you drive after eating all that food?" "How are you walking?!" "Are you still going to be hungry tomorrow?" etc. I don't think they realize that when you are raised in a house with only brothers and in a house where we love meat, you learn to eat fast and eat a lot. I think Sister Mkhabela also gained some respect for me because I ate so much lol

Brother Vincent--He's around 20 and he lives with his father and three brothers. He has been coming to church and it took us awhile to find his house, but we were finally able to meet with him two Saturdays ago with Sister Lewis. As we got to know him, we felt impressed to give him a Book of Mormon even though we had never explained it. We told him to read through it and that we would discuss it the next time we came. We saw him this past Saturday with Sister Mzunga to teach about Restoration. Guess how much of the Book of Mormon he read?! He read all the testimonies, the Book of Mormon itself, AND the index! He literally read the book from cover to cover! He explained in perfect detail about how the Book of Mormon came was insane, and also an awesome teaching appointment since this was one of the first lessons Sister Mzunga was able to be a part of! He told us his favorite chapter was  the book of Ether because it amazed him how much faith the brother of Jared had since he was able to see God. He said that the brother of Jared was his favorite person he read about and he hopes that he will be able to strive to have a faith like his. He's also invited his brothers to come join us at church and so they've been coming as well! He lives in VERY humbling circumstances. His home maybe about the size of a decent sized bathroom and everyone in his family stays in that one room. But it's amazing how brilliant he is!

I hope all is well back home! Yes, it's still raining this side and yes, the car is still getting stuck in mud. But I think the rains should be ending soon because people will be harvesting soon. Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!

Sister Park

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