Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 32: "We had a good time and were happy that we finally did something as a household before Sister Lewis left."

A lot has gone on this week! I don't even know where to begin! And there's a lot going on in the office today so I'm sorry if I keep the emailing short short.

 Beautiful Sunset at Lake Chivero

On Monday, I decided that it was about time that the sisters do an activity so I drove and took the house to Lake Chivero in our area. We went to go see the sunset on the lake and it was beautiful! As you can see from the pictures, we had a good time and were happy that we finally did something as a household before Sister Lewis left. I hope you enjoy the pictures since we took so many....maybe too many....

Sister Namugenyi!

Chipmunk from America

Yes, we're still the cutest companionship

 Sister Thomas!

We finally were able to baptize this week: Edward, Prince and Henry! I was super excited to see them being baptized! 

Brother Henry at his baptism

Brother Prince (left) and Edward (right)

 Our investigators Ashleigh and Trevor--we were bickering about something but they're awesome!

Henry we had actually met our first day in the area: his English wasn't the best and so we took his teachings at a slower pace so that he would understand and he's been faithful in coming to church every week! Edward and Prince we also met our first week in the area, but they smoked and drank all the time and they finally were able to quit! I don't know why, but especially when I was teaching Edward, I always thought about Dad. Edward is an ex-soldier and he served for about 8 years as a sniper (how cool is that?!) He even received awards and medals for his shooting because he was so good! But, he had picked up drugs, smoking and drinking from military training and so he really struggled with quitting smoking in particular. I remember Dad talking about how hard it was for him to quit smoking, but we kept on encouraging him. The withdrawal was difficult: he said he couldn't sleep for a couple of nights, but he eventually got over it and now he says that he doesn't have the desire to smoke anymore! Edward and Prince also have been coming diligently to church every week!

last time at church together!

Sister Chaiva and Morleen Matambo

Our last District photo!

we told her to pose like a princess--Bruchelle Samaconva!

This is where we meet for church!
The end of the transfer has come! Sister Lewis will be leaving me to go to Bindura...I'm super bummed because we only got to serve in our area for six weeks. On the other hand, there are three new sisters finally coming into the mission and I will be training on of them, Sister Mzunga! The other two sisters who are training have trained before, but I'm super excited to finally have a daughter!(: Sister Mzunga is from Malawi! Because of visa issues, the sisters coming in have been having to serve in other areas, but they finally get to come in and I'm honored that I was asked to train one of them! She will be lucky because she will be born into a very productive and fruitful area and hopefully, I'll actually be a good trainer....

Otherwise, I'm doing well! Zim is good, life is good, mission is good! I pray that all is well back home! I'll write more next week, but hopefully the photos will make up for it(:

Sister Park

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