Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 34: "He was all smiles before, during and after his baptism and even during his confirmation."

brother Nyasha at his baptism!

Elder Whiting got to baptize Brother Nyasha
This week flew by...and I LITERALLY say that every week, but it blows my mind that we're already in March! I feel like the new year JUST started! Also, my English is terrible. Absolutely terrible. There's a good chance I met fail college when I go back because my English is shakara. Broken English for the win!

Sister namugenyi and I made chapati to use for "tacos"

we decided to have a  "Taco Thursday" night...huge success haha

the chapati

the sky looked so nice, especially since it had been raining most of the day
we were slipping and sliding because of the mud!

mud caked on the bottom of my plastics...a typical day in the area!

It was actually COLD this week. I think I've adjusted to the heat here in Zim. On Friday and Saturday, it was unusually cold and extremely windy! I had to wear a long sleeve with another jacket and then my rain jacket on top! I would've worn my leggings, but we were walking through mud that day, so oh well. But I actually enjoyed it because it was a nice change from the heat. But it was short lived because now it's hot again...

Mai Nicole-- She has come to church for three weeks now and she has such a beautiful light about her. We actually first started teaching her friend and Mai Nicole happened to just join in on the lesson. She later invited us to come to her place and teach her and the rest is history! She's a single mother of one because her husband passed away from kidney failure last year. When she told us, you could tell that she was still struggling and accepting it and she needs to be strong for her daughter. She has also started going back to school so that she can support her family, especially since her mother and grandmother also live at the house with her. But she loves the Book of Mormon and is always so excited to share with us what she has read about!
Brother Hingi--He belongs to a part member family and he was the only one who wasn't coming to church. We went to go teach him and he's been starting to come consistently. He has even accepted a baptismal date now and has even agreed to be legally married and so we'll hopefully have a marriage coming up within the next month or two! But it was such a beautiful sight sitting behind Brother Hingi and the the rest of his family in church. You could tell that the children and the wife, especially, were happy that he had come to accept the gospel. FAMILIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Before we set up the chairs, but this is where we meet for sacrament meeting/Sunday school/relief society

This past weekend we were able to baptize Brother Nyasha! He has been coming to church consistently for the past 7 weeks! We weren't able to teach him and baptize him sooner because it took us almost three weeks just to find his home...and just as we were about to give up, we stumbled upon his house! Although he's 27, he was smiling like a little kid both for his interview and for his baptism! He was all smiles before, during and after his baptism and even during his confirmation. And this is the first baptism my companion was a part of! She was also super excited.

I'm glad to hear that things are well back home! I love you guys so much!

Sister Park
Sister Beckstead and I at Zone Conference

 Sister Jili now has a great-granddaughter!

Reunion with Sister Lewis

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