Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 30: "Sacrifice isn't really a loss because it's merely preparation for something better!"

The Marimba Zone...yes, our house is the only sisters lol

The sunsets have been on point these days!

I know I said this last week, but honestly, this week seemed to go by faster than the last!

got to see Sister Walbeck on exchanges!

I'm always surprised at how dark I'm getting, but she always has me beat...I love this girl!!

I was able to go on exchanges this week...I was originally supposed to go on exchanges back in Mabvuku, but things got changed last minute and so instead, I went with Sister Walbeck and Sister Hopkins to Chitungwiza. We had a really good time and I literally ate THE BEST sadza that I've eaten so far this mission....we had eaten lunch at a little stand where a gogo was cooking and eish! SHE CAN COOK! Anyways, I had such a good time with Sister Hopkins and was able to learn so much! We were able to find a lot of people for them and teach and I loved teaching with her because we were able to just bounce off of each other's teaching styles. It was legit(:

There was a snake in our house!!

Eating lunch at Nando's after Zone Meeting (I have no idea what we're doing with our arms)

Edward and Prince--We met them our first couple of weeks in the area and although they were drunk at the time, we still went over to go talk to them. We've been teaching them the lessons and they've been coming to church these past couple of weeks. You can see that they are changing! They seemed hesitant at first about coming to church because it was something they hadn't done in quite some time, but they wanted to change. These past couple of weeks, we've been trying to help them quit smoking and drinking...and they're progressing! They've pretty much given up alcohol and with smoking, they've reduced an incredible amount and we're hoping that they'll be able to quit before their baptism date. It's difficult to quit something that you're do addicted to...I can't even break my habit of biting my nails, and yet these two have been so strong these past couple of weeks!
Nyasha--He was someone that we had contacted a couple of weeks ago. We invited him to church and gave him a Restoration pamphlet...and he's been coming to church since! EXCEPT, the problem has been that he lives in Granary. While the entire area has been so muddy and driving is something else, Granary is by far the worst area because almost all cars get stuck if you try to drive. So, we haven't been able to go to this area to see this guy because walking would take hours to get to his home. We tried this past week to walk and go see him, and we couldn't find his house because we didn't know the area all too well. Nevertheless, the amazing thing is is that he's been consistently coming to church every single week!! I pray that this week, we will finally be able to teach him so that he can get baptized because he's already become a regular church goer!
Desmond--We received a call from him this week asking to meet with us. He had told us that he had met with missionaries previously, but because he moved away, wasn't able to finish the lessons. However, he came in contact with a friend whom we had given a pamphlet to (along with our names and numbers) which is how he came to call us! We went to teach him even though he lives far, far, far away , but we found him!(: He told us how he has a desire to go on mission due to the example of the elders that previously taught him, and asked for a Book of Mormon for him to read(: I pray that he will be baptized soon soon!
Henry--He's been consistently coming to church and you can see his faith growing! When we met him, he wasn't comfortable with prayer or participating in classes at church, but now, he'll even volunteer to pray and from his comments, you can tell that he's growing in the gospel. His parents and siblings are impressed with how he has grown spiritually and we hope that he will continue to progress!(:

I think we win the "Cutest Companionship" award
My companion and I were super excited with the work we had done this week. We pretty much had to start from scratch this transfer because there weren't many people to teach, or they just ended up not progressing or keeping their commitments. All the people who are progressing were people we found on our own when we got to the area and the work is definitely paying off!...we were able to have 18 of our investigators attend church this past Sunday which is such an improvement from the number of people who attended our first week in the area! The branch members were shocked at how many people filled the room...since we meet in a classroom, all the seats were actually taken and Sister Lewis and I had to stand outside of the room because there was nowhere to sit during sacrament meeting! I hope that soon soon we'll be able to see the fruits of our labors. All the times we got caught in the rain, walked in mud to our knees, got the car stuck in mud, (and for my companion, all the times she has gotten sunburned), it's all been worth it because we've been doing the Lord's work. As I was telling my companion while she was tending to her burnt neck, I told her "All is well because you got burnt for the Lord!" I look back on what's happened so far this transfer, and honestly, for some reason, those times in the rain, I can't remember all too well. But the times with each of my members, each of their lessons, I treasure those moments. Sacrifice isn't really a loss because it's merely preparation for something better!

I hope all is well back home and know I love you all...Happy Valentine's Day this week!

Sister Park

My housemates are so cute....I didn't get the memo haha

 Sister Thomas and Sister Lewis

I decided to wear my companions glasses but they're so strong!

My household!

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