Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 50: " it's a good time with Z. I absolutely love her!"

girl power-getting firewood and walking for about 2 hours to get back to mbizo!
the spice sisters are back together!
Kwekwe is more or less the same as Gweru, it's in the middle of nowhere! But, I think the town is a little bit bigger. It's true, there are a lot of mining projects and factories going on. Very industrial. Mbizo is a pretty big area, and it organized by section numbers. I think there are around 20 sections, and they're organized in kind of random places, but the area has been pretty easy to figure out otherwise. The area looks similar to Mabvuku, but it's a little bit different. It's a high density area though and people are always walking around. I'm driving in the area again and Z and I are actually the only sisters in the entire zone. This is my first two-man house, but it's a good time with Z. I absolutely love her!

some of the cute kids of Mbizo!

our investigator was sick and so Z and I cooked sadza, kovo and mackerel for her family over the fire!

Takudzwa-He is hilarious! He always describes things that are bad as "kinda rude" and he says it with a funny accent so my companion and I have also started saying it as well! He's progressing well and is on date to be baptized soon!  I hope the gospel will continue to help him!

Farai- He's so diligent and eager to learn about the gospel! When we went to teach him, he told us that he was a little disappointed in himself because he had failed to read the pamphlet TWICE...but he still understood everything that we taught him! He understands how the gospel has blessed his life and already has such a strong testimony. He's a bit reserved, but so spiritually prepared. He will also be baptized soon!

when Sister Ziqubu and I got lost in kumusha looking for the marriage officer, we stop to take a photo haha
Kuda-We've been trying to get him and his wife legally married so that they can be baptized! We were finally able to meet with the marriage officer and have him come over to counsel them and start the documents. The documents were all filled out, but then, last minute, we were told that there were some complications because his wife's relatives didn't agree to the marriage. Kuda was so depressed in telling us this. "This marriage and baptism is keeping me from spiritually progressing towards eternity!" So again, the baptism/marriage will have to be postponed. But, the time will come. Kuda is so faithful and even attends the institute classes. His time will come and I hope that day will be soon!

the power of the spice sisters-Sunday dinner!
Yes, the spice sisters are back! It's so nice to be cooking with Z again...we love being in the kitchen together since we both love spicy food! Our Sunday dinner was also nice nice-we had pork with a spicy marinade, rice, coleslaw, chakalaka and chicken and pea salad! We were in a food coma for the rest of the night.

The Legacy!
Today we're in Harare for MLC so our family (Richards, me, Mzunga, and Clark) were able to finally all be together! It was so nice meeting my grand-daughter! Anyways, that's all for now. Glad to hear you all celebrated the 4th! I missed my favorite holiday! But all is year!

Sister Park

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