Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 49: "Transfers are here and my time in Gweru was short-lived. I'm sad to leave my investigators behind"

on exchanges, little did we know we'd be companions in less than a week!

leaving these two behind in Gweru!

saying my goodbyes to Brother Learnmore and Ruth!
Transfers are here and my time in Gweru was short-lived. I'm sad to leave my investigators behind, especially since 8 of them came to church this past Sunday (Big deal for Gweru Town since it's not like the previous areas I've served in)! But, I'm sure the missionaries staying behind will continue teaching them to prepare them for their baptisms. Where am I going now?! To be with my girl Sister Ziqubu in Mbizo, Kwekwe!! Spicy food for days for at least the next 6 weeks!

This past week we had exchanges with Sister Ziqubu and Richards and it was such a good time! This time we actually went to the area and had a productive day. We almost missed our bus back, but thankfully the bus was 45 minutes late! And now I'll be back in Mbizo for good!(:

President Magaya-only knew him for a 2 weeks but he's the best!

Fortunate-She is the sweetest! She's been attending church for awhile, but this past Sunday, she finally told us she was ready to take the lessons. We got to know her this week, and I asked her what made her finally agree to taking the lessons. She was telling us that as she was reading her Gospel Principles book, she came across the chapter "Families Can Be Eternal." She's an only child, 23 years of age, and her mother unexpectedly passed away last year. At the time, she was dating a pastor from another church who taught that after death, all ties and relations are cut off with the dead. She had even posted a picture of her mother on Facebook for remembrance, but was asked to take it off. She was hurt. As she read the chapter, she came to understand that we would have an opportunity to see our loved ones again. The feelings of pain were replaced with peace. Joy substituted her sorrows, the light of the gospel illuminated the darkness she felt in her heart, all because Christ was able to overcome spiritual and physical death for us. She's also dating a member of the church, and it looking forward to start an eternal family of her own!

Mark Henry-We visited his home a couple of weeks back because he came to church. However, we were "banished" from the home because everyone in the house attended another church. His grandfather was even a pastor there. Anywho, we thought for sure that it would be the last time seeing Mark Henry because of his family's commitment and devotion towards their church. But, to our surprise, he came to church again this past Sunday! I was so impressed with him, because I'm sure that he's fully aware of the persecution and ridicule he would receive from his family if they knew he was coming to our church. They would honestly probably kick him out of the house, and yet, he still came. It takes a lot of nerve to do that. I asked him why he decided to still come to church-"I'm looking for the truth and I've looked for a long time, but I know the truth is here. I've found it." His faith is so strong, and I can't wait for him to also be baptized!

GGC Boys-After working two tournaments, they told us they would come to church this past Sunday and they did! It was so nice to see them there for my last Sunday in Gweru. I can't wait to hear about their baptisms!

Baptism Day!

Brother Nyasha!

The day has finally come-he was overjoyed!
Nyasha's baptism was powerful. It was so spiritual. The thing with Nyasha is that I feel like I didn't even teach him. He came prepared. He was one of those investigators where we would sit down for a lesson, and instead of me teaching him, I felt like he was teaching me! There was always an experience or comment he would share that I would end up writing down because it was profound. I don't know if he knows it, but he truly strengthened my testimony of the gospel. At as his baptism, he bore a powerful testimony. "The teachings and principles taught, I know it to be true-it just resonates with my soul." He truly is an old soul. I felt like I was bringing to remembrance truths that he already knew to be true!

I'll be sending lots of pictures! Hope all is well at home! Can't believe 11 months of mission have already gone by-can't wait to see what this transfer has in hold for me! Love you lots!

Sister Park
When Tedius buys me Stoney because he knows how much I love it! He also gave me a goodbye gift-I opened it and found chili inside! He knows me too well(:
Our district t-shirts: Lebron all times, in all things, in all places Mosiah 18:9

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