Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 46: "As of this week, I've officially become a Zimbabwean: I killed a chicken!"

 our chicken in the car 

As of this week, I've officially become a Zimbabwean: I killed a chicken! I was about to chicken out, no pun intended, but I followed through. It's actually quite simple. I got chicken blood on my shoe, but it was worth it. (Sorry Mom) I helped Darlington pluck the chicken and he showed me how to take out all the things inside the chicken without spoiling the meat. We then cooked it and ate it with tsunga and sadza...it was so good!

the chicken head
Darlington showing me how to kill the chicken
We're keeping a cockroach farm in the kitchen.

Tapuwa- His mother passed away during childbirth because she was HIV+, but somehow he survived. He was tested young, and was found positive, but over the years, he's been tested negative and he's 18 years old now. As we were teaching the plan of salvation, he asked a touching question, "When I'm resurrected, will my mother be able to recognize me?" We quickly assured him that she would and tht it would be such a joyous reunion...he couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the lesson. It's simple truths like this that bring peace in our lives, the kind of peace that motivates us to face any challenge with renewed strength and overcome burdens with the hope that one day we will be able to rest in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Imagine the eternal love!
Prince- We've taught him a couple of lessons now but he has accepted a date to be baptized! He doesn't really speak any English and so we really have to rely on the Spirit for understanding. It's kind of amazing how Sister Bergen and I will teach because yes, the gift of tongues truly is a gift of the Spirit. We weren't sure if he was able to fully understand our mixed Shona/English, but whenever we asked what he understood about what we had just taught, he would recite everything we had just taught. My Shona is still not there, but in certain lessons, I will sometimes walk away amazed at...whatever... I just spoke in the lesson.
we found candy apples!

We ate cheesecake yesterday. Yes. CHEESECAKE. We made it at home and it was soooo good! I know there's better cheesecake back home, but I still enjoyed it so much!

 visited a history museum

taking pictures with the tanks...

 Don't worry, I'll just fly home with Sister Bergen!

Us landing in America...I'm home! (just kidding haha)

2. the chicken in a Chicken Inn bag..no pun intended
4. The chicken is dead!

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