Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 20: "A Historic week for the people for Harare"

our district at stake conference--elder guajardo and elder wilcken are both leaving our district!

Last week ended transfers! There were a lot of changes throughout the mission, but I will be staying in the same area with Sister Dyantyisi again! In fact our household will be staying the same so I will still be living with Sister Ziqubu and Sister Wells. The only change made to our area is, sadly, I have to give up one of my wards. Since Mabvuku 1st and 2nd have been so productive in missionary work, President put in the sister training leaders into our area: Sister Bergen and Sister Erickson. They will be overlooking Mabvuku 1st now and my companion and I are only over Mabvuku 2nd. Although I will still see the members every Sunday, it saddens me to think that I won't be able to work with the ward missionaries and members from that side....but I guess that's a good sign because it means that I'm doing my job as a missionary and leaving the area better than when I had found it.

In fact, my companion and I got called into President's office on Friday to go speak to him about our areas and what I thought about him splitting our area. While we were finishing up, Elder Chatora (overlooks Africa Southeast) and Elder Hamilton from the Area of the Seventy arrived at the office. They were here to help decide the stake presidency for each stake and overlook the splitting of the stakes. However, as we were leaving the office, I was about to introduce myself when Elder Chatora said, "Ah, Sister Park...from Mabvuku...I feel like I already know you..." Elder Hamilton expressed the same warm welcome. I was shocked that they already knew me and found out that they had been asking about Mabvuku because it has been so productive. Before the area had been closed for awhile due to circumstances and President was hesitant about opening the area up again. But, Elder Chatora and Elder Hamilton had discussed with President Mkhabela and asked why Mabvuku was so productive because it came as a surprise to them. They had asked to meet the sisters who worked there. I felt so honored to meet the area of Seventy and it was touching! The Lord really is preparing the people in this area and I can't wait for what this transfer lies ahead now that we have two sets of missionaries working the area. 

"dropping it" is becoming a thing for whoever i meet
when people come to stake conference, yo...people look POWERFUL...so did my companion!

Combis taxi in Zimbabwe ("most people had to save up to take combis to go to stake conference")

This week was a historic week for the people of Harare because we got the opportunity to go to stake conference and it was announced that the Harare East stake (my stake) would be split into two: the Zimbabwe Harare stake and the Harare East stake. The forming of this new stake marks the 50th stake formed in the Africa Southeast area and it was quite a sight! It took place at a huge hall in town and although it was hot, the meeting was powerful. The choir consisted of about 80-100 people and when they sang the closing hymn, "God Be with You Til We Meet Again" in Shona, yo it was POWERFUL. It was also powerful because most people had to save up to take combis to go to stake conference and the turnout was amazing. Our Mabvuku 1st bishop, Bishop Gramu, was called as a second counselor in the new stake presidency....he is an inspiring man.

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well back home...I can't wait to hear from you guys next week! I love you guys...give the dogs kisses from me!

Sister Park

Article about cash shortage in Zimbabwe: http://qz.com/830776/zimbabwe-is-going-through-a-severe-cash-shortage-and-people-are-queuing-overnight-at-banks-and-atms/

Cash is a BIG problem here and we've been struggling to get cash...but as of this past week, they have officially started incorporating bond notes..i'm not sure if it's going to help the economy that much but we'll see how it works out!

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