Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 19: "102 degree" and "Untraditional Thanksgiving Dinner"

Thanksgiving Dinner with my household

Ah, it's so nice to hear from you guys this week and to hear the good report! Reading all this good news is exactly what I needed to hear after the week that I had..what a tender mercy from the Lord!

This week has been something else. Mom, before I start this weeks report, I need you to breathe because I'm fine! On Tuesday, my companion was sick and another sister in the house was also sick and so I had to drive them to the clinic and so we didn't have a chance to go to the area. On Thursday night, I started getting a fever and by the time I woke up on Friday, my temperature was around 101 degrees. My zone leaders stopped by to give me a blessing but by the afternoon is was a little over 102 degrees. I knew I needed to cool down, but because we didn't have power, the fan wasn't working and so desperate times call for desperate measures: I took all the frozen vegetables and meat from the fridge and placed it over my body while laying on the tiles. After doing this, it stayed at around 100 degrees until later that night when it went back up to 102. I finally was able to go to the clinic on Saturday because my temperature wasn't dropping and they said that I had inflamed tonsils which caused my fever. They gave me medication and although my temperature is back to normal now, I've been getting really bad headaches which isn't letting me sleep and I'm wondering if it's because of the medication so hopefully once I have that sorted out, I'll be okay. But overall, I'm alive and I'm walking...and breathing. My point is that because our sicknesses, we could only go to the area twice this week!

But, I suppose one of the highlights of my week was Wednesday because I got to go on exchanges with Sister Jili, my grandmother! She trained Sister Richards and so it was so nice teaching with her because, well she taught Sister Richards and so they teach similarly. We got to teach many lessons together and we had a good time together. I got to learn a lot from her, not only teaching wise, but from her character as well. 

Spicy Korean Chicken Stew, Mashed Potatoes, 

We also had a Thanksgiving dinner...but let me tell you, it was a dinner that I had never before experienced..very untraditional to say the least...there was such a variety of foods but i guess all that mattered was that it was good food! Since none of us really like turkey, I made a Korean chicken and vegetable stew which they all loved so much (they all wrote the recipe). Side dishes included mashed potatoes, butternut, pasta salad, samosas, green beans, and ginger beer....okay so now that I'm writing it down I guess it wasn't too untraditional but it definitely wasn't a typical Thanksgiving dinner. The African sisters enjoyed though and we all had a good time and I guess this is a tender mercy of the Lord but the power didn't go out until we had finished our meal(:

Brother Jack: We met him on the streets this week and he welcomed us back for another lesson. As we got to know him better, I found myself really attached to him. Brother Jack had been trying really hard to study in the US and when I asked which schools, he said that he had been trying to apply for schools like Stanford and the Ivy League schools. As I continued to talk to him, I saw how bright he was and how much he valued his education. However, because of complications back home, he had to attend a college in Zim and he was expressing how bitter he was because of this. He kept bringing up how disappointed he was with how things turned out for him. And since I'm a missionary, I couldn't mention what school I had attended either because we can't encourage anything from our side. BUT, the Lord must have a different plan for him and that's what I told him. That he must have a better one set for him, one that will allow him to grow to his full potential. It was really neat to see his reaction  to what I said because although you could tell he still had some resentment, he was slowly accepting what I had to say...and he even showed up to church this Sunday! The things he was saying in our lessons...I think he really has been prepared by the Lord. He's been switching churches pretty consistently for years now because he hasn't found the "right one" and hasn't found what he is looking for...even though he says he doesn't know what it is. I hope that I will be able to help him come unto Christ!

I guess I don't have much to say this week since I was in bed for most of it so hopefully I'll have more to write about next week. I love and miss you guys! Take care((:

Until next week,

Sister Park

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