Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 15: "It was such a powerful moment that Sister Erickson and I got to be a part of"


I'll be keeping it short because the office is busy busy today with transfers going on.

So this week was the end of transfers...I will be staying in Mabvuku and my new companion is Sister Dyantyisi from South Africa. In my household, Sister Wells will also be staying and her new companion is Sister Ziqubu who is also from South Africa.

This past week we got to go on exchanges with the STLS: Sister Erickson and Sister Jili. I got to work with Sister Erickson for a day and bring her to all my lessons.It was such a good time and I was able to learn so much from her. I also made sure to get her some chips from Hot-Hot Chippies because they're SO good!


Bro. Tawanda: At our last lesson with us, he tried to Bible bash us and was bringing up all these scriptures to try to put down Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. But, we asked him that if he read and prayed with a sincere desire about the Book of Mormon, the Lord would manifest unto him the truthfulness of the book. And so when we saw him this week, we asked about how his experience with prayer went. He told us that he had done exactly what we had asked and waited a couple minutes after his prayer to pay attention to the feelings and thoughts. And he told us that he felt a strange feeling, something he had never felt before. He felt an overwhelming sense of joy in his heart and felt peace in his mind. He told us that without a doubt, he knew that God had answered his prayer and that he didn't have any doubts about the Book of Mormon anymore. It was such a powerful moment that Sister Erickson and I got to be a part of.

Brother Innocent: He has been trying to quit drinking since we've been teaching him and he told us that he didn't drink at all this past week! We were so proud of him, especially because you can tell how happy Mai Cayden is with the changes that he's making in his life. They've also agreed to get legally married and so they will be starting the process so that they can be baptized. We're so excited for this beautiful family!

On Saturday, we were in charge of an openhouse that was held at our chapel and the bishop asked that our entire district be there to help out. So our zone leaders, district leader and his companions and I spent the entire day running this activity. The idea of the activity was to have nonmembers come and tour the church and learn a little bit about the gospel of Jesus Christ while having a good time (games and refreshments were incorporated). We had a lot of people come and now for the Tafara sisters especially, they have a lot of people they can now go and contact. It was such a fun day, especially since this was our last day together as a district. After the activity was over, Sister Richards and I had to rush to get things ready for the baptism. Brother Anesu, Tanya, and Brother Law all got baptized and it was such a great time. They all shared their testimonies and the smiles on their faces were priceless.

But otherwise, I'm good, I'm healthy, everything's great. I can't wait to hear from you next week! Love and miss you guys.

Sister Park

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